BROTHERS [formerly known as MENEW] is an EDM/alt-rock band composed of siblings Aaron Klaas (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Klaas (synthesizers, piano) and Nathan Klaas (drums, vocals). Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, their sound comes from a background of classical music training and British rock influence.
After taking a bit of a hiatus, they are back with a new sound and new music that was created during the pandemic. The band wrote and recorded their first full length EDM album, Brothers, featuring their first single ‘The Walls’. “ The inspiration behind the song is the idea of pushing back and challenging societal norms ”, Aaron says of the first single that will be released on May 20, 2022. “ We hope people will be inspired to break down the walls of inequality, race and prejudice, while enjoying the music. of course. ”
The band met high acclaim with their MENEW project ‘Wide Awake Hello’; the single/video ‘Don't Give Up On Us Now’ has been streamed and viewed over a million times. They have also taken the Cannes Film Festival by storm alongside French Montana at the exclusive club Gotha, where they performed their EDM single ‘Overdrive’.
Short-listed for eight Grammy Nominations, ‘Wide Awake Hello’ and follow-up hit single ‘Baby You’re Like a Drug’ (which stars actor Joshua Jackson in the music video) have been on NBC (Chuck), MTV (The Hills, Jersey Shore), Bravo (Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce) ESPN and films worldwide. The Klaas siblings have appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman and performed/toured alongside artists such as U2, Akon, French Montana, Stone Temple Pilots, Filter, Weezer and Linkin Park.


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 Photographer: William Rainey

 Photographer: William Rainey

Photographer: Tina Osborne




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